Announcing: The Novel Entrepreneur by Sally Bendersky

Posted On: 12th January 2018

  Grab your copy here! Stop juggling overwhelm, stress, uncertainty, contradiction, distrust, and more. Become the leader – the novel entrepreneur – of your life! All of us have ingrained, unconscious beliefs that limit our growth and fulfillment. In The Novel Entrepreneur: A Heart-Centered Path for Fulfillment you will find...Read More

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Announcing: Your Infinite Power by Jania Aebi

Posted On: 12th January 2018

  Grab your copy here! Universe always works for us, not against us. “Divine qualities become material things when brought into the physical world through action,” writes Jania Aebi. Our focus, perceptions, and beliefs, which are the only things we can change, determine our experience. When we are at one...Read More

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Announcing: Cosmic Wizard by Jeff Anthony

Posted On: 29th September 2017

  Grab your copy here! Jeff Anthony spent many years repeating what he learned from his family – anger, resentment, blame, and frustration. These led him to despair, depression, and living a very unsatisfying life. He constantly changed jobs, directions, and even moved to a foreign country. He was fortunate to have held on to...Read More

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Announcing: Dyslexia Outside-the-Box by Beth Ellen Nash

Posted On: 1st June 2017

  Grab your copy here! Dyslexia Outside-the-Box provides a balanced perspective showing how a dyslexic child’s challenges are directly connected to the flip-side strengths of their brain’s unique wiring. It helps you understand the mind of a child with dyslexia and explains what’s going on in their outside-the-box brain in...Read More

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Announcing: I Feel Your Pain by Niki Elliott, PhD

Posted On: 10th May 2017

  Grab your copy here! Are you someone who seems to absorb the physical or emotional energy of those around you? Do you know what’s happening to other people days, even months before they tell you? If so, you are not alone! In I Feel Your Pain, Niki Elliott shares...Read More

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